Not only do these gorgeous elastic crochet slippers prevent cold feet, but they are super easy to crochet and are fashionable! They are as comfortable as socks; they feel light and cover the feet entirely, and they are elastic to ensure they fit well and stay on during your activities!


The sizes that will fit this model of the elastic crochet slippers best are shoe sizes 36 or 37, also known as sizes 6 or 7. You’ll also need one needle for sewing and scissors. The best material to use for these slippers are 50 grams of pearl colored wool, 30 grams of beige wool, and about 20 grams of dark green crochet hook. You start by knitting 54 chains and continue with the tutorial for the rest of the instructions. You also use a 3mm crochet hook.

This free video tutorial will teach you how to craft these crochet slippers, just turn on the english subtitles!

Tips for Elastic Crochet Slippers

When you begin to crochet, you must start at the top or toes of the foot and work your way down to the heel. Finally, crochet a flower or add any other decorative accessory like a button at the intersection to give the illusion that the two lines can be unbuttoned.

Don’t hesitate to decorate your slippers with other colors! Instead of the colors in the video tutorial, you can use two or more colors when making these slippers. Better yet, use variegated yarn to give a colorful and jazzy vibe. Maybe even use yarn with glitter thread in the mix when making these slippers for a fun look!

The reason why these slippers are so wonderful to make is because they are easily maintained. These elastic crochet slippers are perfectly comfortable for your house guests; they make the best feet warmers for any season, even the summer months when the air conditioner turns your toes into ice cubes!

Tutorial and photos of these elastic crochet slippers by: tallermanualperu.

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