Knitted slipper socks for babies and kids are the cutest things! These socks will look adorable on your newborn nieces and nephews, grandchildren, or any sweet child in your life!


These knitted slipper socks are very cozy and very warm for the cold winter months. The age group for baby socks is from 3 to 12 months, but you can easily knit larger sizes for kids and adult socks as well. These charming knitted socks also look beautiful in a dressy outfit for a special occasion. A white, light pink, or baby blue knitted kids socks are lovely for first birthdays and other fun occasions.

This video tutorial will help you learn how to make the perfect knitted slipper socks.

How to make these Knitted Slipper Socks?

First, you should choose the best yarn for your knitted slipper socks and I highly recommend sock or baby-weight yarn. You should also use regular needles and not the double-pointed needles. A good tip to remember is to use thin needles when you use thin yarn and vice versa.

You should also decide before you start knitting what size your socks need to be. How many inches do you want your toes to be? What about the heel and ankle? How many inches up the calf do you want the socks to rise? To make your decision, you must figure out the number of stitches needed to fit comfortably at these parts of the socks.


Other than giving these knitted kids socks as a gift, you can also knit a pair to donate to a charity. These knitted slipper socks are one of the most popular handmade patterns in the art of knitting.

Another reason why these knitted slipper socks are so popular is that they come in many shapes and forms! For example, you can knit a more modern design that resembles sneakers like a pair of all stars or chucks. There are so many creative pattern ideas to knit just one pair for socks! Try some of the ideas that are mentioned here, or try them all!

Tutorial and photos of this socks by: Таня Федас Дом вязания.