Top 10 DIY Old Guitar Projects To Decor Your Home

When enjoyed the soft tones of the guitar, it’s the time when we can be felt soothe our nerves. It always is great for any situation, any feeling. But once you think your old guitar has retired and it’s no more able to produce music then just don’t toss it off. For the simple reason, there are some incredible hacks to reuse them with a better purpose. And the post today, we will share some wonderful ideas that you can recycle in your home.

If you love DIY projects, these ideas are ideal ways to go. Just with an old guitar, you can turn it into one of these interesting and creative items such as gorgeous bedroom display shelf, lamp stands, guitar wedding theme decor, bookshelves, vintage guitar shelf for storage, chairs, planters, etc. All can be achieved with your smart handling. So, let’s scroll down to get a peek into all ideas and select the best some to craft. They are waiting for you ahead, try with them!

#1 Wedding Theme

#2 DIY Painted Pineapple Guitar

#3 Simple Guitar Shelf

#4 Guitar Shelf DIY Bedroom

#5 Flowerpot Shaped Guitar

#6 Guitar Chairs

#7 DIY Guitar Frame

#8 Guitar Book Shelf

#9 A Guitar For Wine Rack

#10 Guitar Shelf A Vintage Vibe