This beautiful crochet hearts border is a popular crochet project because it beautifies objects and accessories. Watch this free video tutorial to learn how to make this crochet border.


To perfectly design this crochet border, you must use a 2.25 mm steel hook and lightweight yarn. You may also use a 2.50 mm and crochet yarn that resembles the one used in the video. The finished length of the border is up to you. There are so many reasons to use this crochet hearts border. Most commonly it is used as a decorative product for crochet projects like sweaters, hats, mittens, bags, and so much more.

Continue reading for ideas that use the hearts border for decoration.

Ideas for using Crochet Hearts Border

Scarves and blankets are some of the most popular crochet border projects. You can even make a lace crochet hearts border for a shawl. There are even more creative ways of applying the crochet border! You can make a sheer crochet top for the summer using this gorgeous border design! Another summer top that would look great with the border is a halter top!

Aside from clothing, there are other unique projects you can adorn using the crochet hearts border! You can wrap the border around a flower jar, or use it as a napkin ring. You can even use it to make a stylish bookmark for a novel you cannot put down!

The ideas for this border are endless, so start crocheting your edgy halter top, napkin rings, and bookmark today!

There are plenty more edging patterns available that you can experiment with! You can make vibrant crochet patterns like a puff stitch flower, or lacey bows, or more simple edging patterns.

Tutorial and photos of this border by: lace star.

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