Tuesday , 21 September 2021

10 Upcycled Mason Jar Garden Ideas For Your Plants

There are more and more unused mason jars in your home, and you don’t know how to deal with them. You are in the right place to get great ideas on recycling them. Here are the 21 Upcycled Mason Jar Garden Ideas for Your Plants to add a lot of appeal to your home and garden without spending a lot of money! With these ideas, you don’t need to have a skillful hand, or fussy materials, just a little creativity that is enough to decorate your living space and boring garden more vivid and more lively.

When it comes to recycling and DIY, you can’t help talking about the mason jar. The simple reason, there is a wealth of uses for these versatile containers from practical to decorative. If you haven’t experimented with them yet, this list of ideas today will add this handy highlight to your garden. They promise to be wonderful decoration projects to bring your home a sense of familiarity, wonderful warmth, and vividness. So, starting collected your old mason jars and transform them into useful mini gardens!

#1 Mason Jar Hanging Herb Planter

#2 Mason Jar Terrarium

#3 Mason Jar Herb Garden on a Wooden Board

#4 Mason Jars on a Suspended Wooden Board

#5 Space Saving Mason Jar Herb Garden

#6 Mason Jar Wall Garden

#7 Colorful Mason Jar Garden on the Window

#8 Flowers on the Clothes Line

#9 Mason Jar Wind Chime

#10 Fence with Mason Jar Lighting